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I'm going to start posting the text of the shows up. Not as good as actual sound though (Holmes!).

TheShortStep.pdf (113k file)



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As yet another school holiday came onto the horizon I decided once again to see a little more of Tanzania.

Mwanza was my destination. Mwanza is a large town on the shores of Lake Victoria. I was going to take the bus as it looks quite reasonable to reach when you look at the map. However, maps and reality are two different things when African roads are taken into consideration. One and a half hours by plane or eighteen hours by bus. Easy maths.

I felt that the whole holiday would be enhanced by traveling with wine. Everyone along the way was impressed by my approach to traveling and luggage priorities. I travelled with James, a teacher from the school.

wine (219k image)

I stayed on a permanently moored boat in Mwanza which had been made into a hotel. Incidentaly the boat was the one used in ‘The African Queen' starring Humphrey Bogart.

(Pictured behind myself and the show stealing macca tree.)

treemacca (363k image)

I took a ferry to a place called Nansio on Ukerewe Island. No electricity, no flushing toilets, and warm beer led to a short two day visit.

nansio (149k image)

Back in Mwanza I stumped up the cash to stay at a lovely hotel on the beach. A very relaxing, wine soaked, few days were had. The sunset across the lake was marvelous.

victoriasunset (146k image)


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Aiyo, it's been a long day.

The last couple of hours have been spent polishing a barely comprehensible item for our 'Life in China' slot about the Tibetan chronometer, which seems to be a crazy old mumbo jumbo device for triggering your yak's next ovarian cycle or something. And polishing! ha! Could be either one of the dictionary.com definitions below, really.


Of or relating to Poland, the Poles, their language, or their culture

To make smooth and shiny by rubbing or chemical action.

To remove the outer layers from (grains of rice) by rotation in drums.

To free from coarseness; refine: polish one's manners.

To remove flaws from; perfect or complete: polish one's piano technique; polish up the lyrics.

Anyway. Last night was spent in a local watering hole talking to pissed up Swedes straight off a 48 hour train journey from Vietnam. Entertainment for the night was helpfully provided by an extremely drunk easyfm dj dicing with death on a suspended rope net floor, to the disgust of the assembled bar staff. Bloody foreigners. Appearing bored with the standard patter of newcomers to China (rant! rant! communism is awful! people should have as many children as they like! executions! argh!) DJ Liu Kwai (Trevor: Imagine calling yourself 'six bucks', man) scaled the barrier next to us and, throwing caution to the wind, almost plunged to his death. And to the almost certain inconvenience to thirty or so mid week revellers on the floor below.

I had a weird experience with the ranting swedish though - a strange moment when I found myself defending everything about China. Not just because I like an argument, you understand. More because I think it is naive and imperialistic to expect to be able to impose entirely western templates for society on a nation and culture which resolutely refuses to fit the model it's expected to. For a start, a population of 1.2 billion is unrivalled by any other nation in the world. In a sense that's enough on it's own. A country so big needs new models. And ranting about how the one child policy is an infringement of human rights is all very well, but what do you suggest, oh angry swede? You have limited resources and your population is out of control. WHAT DO YOU DO? I found myself explaining that ethnic minorities could in fact have as many children as they liked, and sets of parents who themselves are both siblingless can also have more than one child, and realised I was in fact defending something I found totally abhorrent less than a year ago. Odd to find yourself in a position like that, and it happens pretty infrequently if you think about it. China makes me re-evaluate lots of things I previously held to be irrefutable.

I'm sure everyone knows about googlisms but i enjoy this one in particular. I've added some helpful stars beside my favourite entries.

otter is a large mustelid that spends its life

otter is not very common where we live but we do have them

otter is in mourning for his best friend

*otter is fed up

otter is a large mustelid that spends its life in the nearshore marine community along the california coast

otter is long and cylindrical in body shape

*otter is no longer the stealthy

otter is the smallest of all

otter is solitary and there is no strong pair

otter is also threatened by

otter is an endangered species

otter is the longest of all the otter species

otter is swimming

otter is swimming with its mouth full of fish

otter is dark brown and has a white patch of fur on its throat

otter is old town's

otter is a great way to get your family out on the water

otter is the largest otter of all

*otter is here

otter is

*otter is an indicator animal

otter is both an umbrella species and a 'keystone species

otter is essential to a healthy and productive nearshore ecosystem

otter is a large

otter is a shy and solitary animal and is mostly nocturnal

otter is a carnivore

otter is designed to prove theorems stated in first

otter is the largest of the 13 otter species and is found only in the rainforests and rivers of south america

otter is the smallest of all the otter species and one of the most attractive

otter is considered timid and secretive

*otter is a set of lessons in female energy*

otter is an aquatic member of a group of animals known as mustelids

otter is found throughout eastern and western europe

otter is a protected species

otter is a member of the weasel family

otter is a scenic

*otter is distributed in pakistan*

otter is still trapped for fur in 38 states

otter is becoming endangered

otter is an excellent swimmer

otter is acting like a dolphin nothing can be smoother and more elegant than its series of dives which leave a minimum of ripples

*otter is 3/3*

otter is a short takeoff and landing aircraft

otter is a mammal that live in water

otter is een soort familie van de das

*otter is going to have children*

otter is not very common where we live but we do have them around and from time to time they show up in the lakes swimming and chasing each other

otter is classified as lutra canadensis

otter is found throughout alaska with the exception of the aleutian islands

otter is native to northern and central california

otter is more likely to have a run

otter is primarily active after sundown

otter is the world's smallest otter

otter is still a major developed area on the blue ridge parkway

otter is at the top of the rain

*otter is a bear granddaughter*

*otter is an extraordinarily wonderful dog*

otter is well adapted to its amphibious way of life and is a strong and agile swimmer

otter is run on an input file containing the members of in the formula_usable list

otter is about the size of a cat

otter is found in rivers

otter is a historical caida tool used for visualizing arbitrary network data that can be expressed as a set of nodes

otter is the largest member of the weasel family

otter is a feminine totem

*otter is astonishing*

otter is an ocean

otter is a mammal that has thick

otter is a "keystone species

otter is a feature

otter is probably the most numerous of 13 otter species

otter is as big and as wonderful as ever

otter is also know as the marine otter

otter is one of the country's favourite mammals

otter is the little station that could

otter is in the grass

otter is part of artist lou rankin's little friends collection created by dakin's artist collections

otter is a motion sensor that snores when disturbed

otter is onder water uitgesproken behendig

otter is 16in lifelike & cuddly click the picture to enlarge

otter is a mammal with alot of fur

*otter is seeking people with martha stewart's social savvy*

otter is pursued by an interdisciplinary approach including the economic and social interests of the landowners and other groups

otter is weer terug in de weerribben

otter is coming to town tuesday

otter is small

otter is a sea otter who lives in large bodies of water

otter is performed by sliding down a staircase on one's stomach

otter is almost certainly a distinct subspecies

otter is a long

otter is the sybil of bike racing

otter is a mail order business specializing in herbs; artwork and crafts of various indigenous peoples

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