1. Megamind Trance

    Features artists like : Airbase, Paul Van Dyk, Motorcycle, Niklas Harding, Planet Perfecto, Grace, Perpetuous Dreamer, Orkidea, Peter Lowland, Sasha, Shiloh, Sied Van Riel, Slusnik Luna, Solarstone, Talla 2XLC, Sarah McLachlan & Way out West

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    Shared by megamind [Spotify profile] on 22 May 2010 | permalink

  2. The gratest show on earth - experimental hip-hop

    This is experimental alternative hip-hop indie music with some jazz touch.

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    Shared by sportlow [Spotify profile] on 31 May 2010 | permalink

  3. Shuffle, Play, Party!

    Compilation of the latest and best party, pop and dance music!

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    Shared by mykos [Spotify profile] on 01 Feb 2011 | permalink

  4. Is It A Dream?

    Been obsessing over (generally) early 80s pop that has not been played to death. Though you might think it has been...

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    Shared by craa22uk [Spotify profile] on 26 Feb 2009 | permalink

  5. In The Air

    You're flying soon? Here's the playlist you need! A lot of songs that are the perfect match for a nice trip!

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    Shared by stephane [Spotify profile] on 23 Dec 2010 | permalink

  6. Monday Chill

    Chillout & Eazy

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    Shared by 9while9 [Spotify profile] on 10 Jun 2010 | permalink

  7. dirty bs

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    Collaborative Shared by groooveman5 [Spotify profile] on 11 Jan 2012 | permalink


    Halloween music, horror movie sountracks, and general spookiness

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    Shared by chillford-brimley [Spotify profile] on 06 Oct 2011 | permalink

  9. HMV - Next Big Thing Festival 4-13 Feb 2011

    Here are the playlist for HMV's Next Big Thing Festival featuring the artists playing this year. 391 tracks (max 5 pr artist) including - Jessie J, James Blake, Treetop Flyers, Sivert Høyem, Anna Calvi, Family of The Year, Kill It Kid +++

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    Shared by kingrock [Spotify profile] on 03 Feb 2011 | permalink

  10. * best NEW music * Only the very best!

    Only the very best NEW music selected for you. Updated twice a week! Go in and subscribe to our playlist today!

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    Shared by my24streamer [Spotify profile] on 06 Jul 2012 | permalink

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