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Terrid's Map

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Terrid's Map pinpoints good spots across the country for BMXing, skateboarding, mountain biking, kite surfing etc etc etc.

Every effort has been made to make sure that each spot is absolutely accurate, so just zoom in and zoom in and zoom in and you'll then be able to find it easily. If the satellite image is good enough, you may even be able to see it. Newest entries/edits are at the top of the list.

- Transgression Park in Edinburgh now has a video clip.  Click it for mair...
- Unit 23 Skatepark now features virtual tours and a gallery.  Click it for mair...
- Terrid's Map does not work in Internet Explorer 6 but works fine in everything else.

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Edinburgh FINALLY has an indoor park!  I haven't been there yet but reports so far are great (as you would expect from anything that Dave Sowerby's had a hand in designing/building).

Unit LE3
Ocean Terminal

Use the RED car park and park on Level E and its right inside the doors. Parking is free. The park is open from 10am to 10pm daily.  More info at www.transgressionpark.co.uk

Check this rad vid of Dean and Lewis getting loose:

Virtual tour / picture gallery coming soon, but for now, check these belters courtesy of Simon Lamond:


Unit 23, Dumbarton

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Unit 23 is claimed by many to be the best indoor park in the UK. 

It's massive size and arsenal of ramps is an ever-changing wonderland of flow and boostability.  To maintain quality control and general warm, fuzzy happiness, every addition to the park is also a result of collaboration and consultation with various uber-experienced (see: 'old') riders and skaters, with easily over 100 years of ramp-riding experience between them (or is that just Gogo on his own?)

Half of hall one is currently closed as Chick and his army of neddish ramp builders are making some kind of bastard half-brother, dopelganger of the Little Devil bowl.  If it gets finished by the end of February, Chick's promised to take them all snowboarding, so fingers crossed.  You've honestly seen nothing like the size of this thing - it's off the bloody hook!  Plans to follow as soon as I get them off Grant.


Click on any of the three pics below to take a virtual tour of the place.  New panoramas of the bowl etc will be coming as and when it's finished.

To take control, click and drag your mouse around the photo.  Use the shift and ctrl keys to zoom in and out.

hall2_2_promo.jpg GALLERY:

Rider: Dean Walla Walla / Photographer: Terrid

Rider: Dean Walla Walla / Photographer: Terrid

Rider: Parky / Photographer: Terrid


Video clips coming soon.  If you have any video clips from Unit 23 that I could use, please get in touch.

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