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Fate transpired to be both cruel and kind this weekend.

For the past year and a half, I have checked the Tanzanian television channels, both terrestrial and satellite, before every old firm game in the hope that the game may be televised. While going through this exercise last Friday I was ecstatic to find out that DSTV, the African version of Sky, were showing the Celtic, Rangers game live on Sunday. 3.30pm kick off, local time.

Not only that, but Monday was also a school holiday. How good can life be?

I managed to explain all I could to the regulars in Top Hill Bar on Saturday about ‘the big game' the following day. To little effect, everyone still is only interested in Arsenal and Man U.

Madaraka did wear a t-shirt closely resembling a Celtic jersey though.

madaraka (284k image)

Engrossed in the game.

watching_footy (193k image)

Celtic vs Rangers live in Arusha. Get in!

top_hill_telly (169k image)

…and then Celtic went and lost.

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