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The longer that I live in the in Africa, the less I seem to notice. It's not that any less is happening in my life, it's just that things become normal when you see them every day.

Then on certain days it is apparent that life is different here. Example; Over the last few days I've stood on a snake, massacred mosquitoes, and there were monkeys outside my house.

monkey (189k image)

I also just returned from a school trip. We went to Tarangire National Park, Olduvai Gorge and Ngorogoro Conservation Area.

Olduvai gorge is where, in 1979, Mary and Louis Leakey found the 3,7-million year old footsteps of Australopithecus Afarensis, and where, in 1957, they found evidence of the 1,8-million year old Nutcracker Man. The significance of this was a tad lost on the kids. They were far more interested in the elephants, lions, rhinos, cheetahs, etc. that we saw in Ngorogoro and Tarangire.

elephants5 (310k image)

The soda lake in Ngorogoro crater looked particularly nice as it evaporated in the afternoon sunshine.

sodalake (152k image)

The drive around the crater rim is an experience. It really is a long way down.

seeformiles (318k image)

This picture shows just how big a crater Ngorogoro really is.

ngorogoro (45k image)


Rosalind Holmes said:

Hello Barry - just back from 3 weeks in Kenya - last week we were at Mount Kilimanjaro and so just across the border from you and met a safari jeep from Arusha! The safari was fantastic and we too saw all the animals. But your trip was to places I would love to go - perhaps another year. Hope the teaching is going well and enjoy the rest of your holidays - Rosalind.

jalberto said:

Nice blog, see you at internet.

Regards from Spain.


spion said:

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Amine said:

I just came through your weblog and I was wondering how's life in Tanzania. I may considered as my next destination.

I'm a world traveler looking to discover the multitude of cultures that thrive within our globe.

By the way, I really liked yuor postings. very interesting.

Mary said:

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