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Just so you know, Nikki


Just so you know, Nikki and little Daniel are both doing well :-)

There'll be more news from them soon.

Well hello there folks ;o)


Well hello there folks ;o) god it's been ages since i last posted an update on this! I've been off on maternity leave ya see..and can't get access to a proper im sending an email from my tv email to my wee Hodgers and he is gonna post it for me :o)

Well I have been a lady of leisure for 6 weeks's lovely having all this time to play around with and chill and people are telling me to enjoy it while i can..but im getting really fed up now, have painted walls, cleared out cupboards,organised babies stuff (over and over again) and scrubbed the apartment getting so bored waiting for baby to not so sure whether id take so much time off work before the actual birth again!

But apart from all that baby and I have been keeping really well...pretty easy pregnancy it has been me thinks...and people can't believe im full term...they say i only look about 5 months gone..suits me fine :o) the smaller jnr is the easier the birth will be..hopefully :o/

Well today is my due date and for the past week or so i have been having regular twinges and mild contractions and I go and get myself all excited..and the they disapear again grrrrr! At this stage im saying BRING ON THE PAIN! and reminding baby to feel free to make a move anytime! I just can't wait to meet our little so very excited and so are all my family. Paul keeps feeding me spicy foods as an aid to speed things on a bit...and im forever having baths and long walks.. and this aint i guess jnr will just join us when he/she is good n ready.

Well the next update will hopefully be to broadcast the good news...keep ur fingers n toes crossed for us...pray etc..anything that you think will help..catch ya soon, luv Nikki xox

Hi there :o) well it


Hi there :o) well it could be a wee while from now until I get the chance to post another message as I won't have such easy access to a computer any more in work....I'll be training up my replacement ya see for the next 2 weeks before I finish work. But im trying to get something sorted at home so I'll try not to leave you all in the dark for too long!

Well today im really chuffed (although a little sore from all the wandering!) as I went shopping last night and bought lots of cute baby things - baby bath, changing bag, mat, Winnie The Pooh bodysuits, little mitts etc etc plus a few wee things for myself of course for all my hard work ;o) I bought a brilliant book, its called 'Rough Guide to Pregnancy & Birth' by Kaz Cooke.... its kinda like her diary (with bits added in from experts too) and gives a straightforward and honest view towards the whole thing, its very informative but also very funny, I wish I had of got it a lot sooner. It goes through everything week by week and I feel that it will prepare me very well.

Well Its all getting closer and closer 7 months preggars oh my gawd! I have 2 more weeks of work then I'll be a lady of leisure for a month and a half til baby decides to pop out and say hello (or rather..wahhhhhh help where am I, I wanna go back in!) which I hope isn't too long away...I even hope that baby comes early! I have started organising my hospital bag...putting in nighties, toiletries and practical things that I never even knew existed like disposable breast pads and knickers! I'm following the 'what to put in your hospital bag' list from my book you see. I'm considering using a suitcase cos there is so much stuff I will need for me and baby while in hospital...and even for Paul! My Mum thinks it's a disgrace that we ourselves have provide all the stuff…in her day the hospital did it all!

Im getting extremely excited now (not that I wasn’t before!) and everyone else is getting excited with feels like I have been waiting for the big day all my life or something..... Its like waiting for that holiday you booked ages counting done the nights as a kid until Santa comes....only tones more nerve wracking and exciting...I really don't know what to expect but they say it all fits into place naturally...I hope I'll be a good mummy :o)

I'm still trying to convince myself to go for good ole Etonox - gas 'n' air, during the birth but the more I listen to Mums, the more and more I am considering the Epidural...which after all, in one injection, would stop me feeling any pain. I'm so undecided but we'll see when the time comes I guess...the good thing is you don't have to set your plans in stone or anything just yet. Although saying that I have booked a tens machine from the hospital for the date im due.....its a little hand held device with electrodes that you stick to your back and you are in control and can press the button when you like which sends out little shocks to stop the pain messages in their tracks before they get to your brain....its a safe form of pain relieve and the only one that has no side affects so I'll give that a go to begin with then we'll see how I get on :o)

I'm getting used to all the talk about contractions and I feel a lot more educated now...thanks to my parent craft classes and decent books. Although one bit of advice I would give to 1st time expectant mothers is... don't read or worry too much, relax and enjoy your pregnancy, take each day as it comes...which I am going to do from now on :o)

Catch ya later peeps xxNikkixx


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