Mayflower Days

Mayflower Days tells the story of Mrs Skipper Clark’s first year as a headmistress. Returning from America, she and her friend Chloe Owen become headmistress and deputy of a quirky little primary school in a picturesque English country town. They soon settle in to the rhythms of the academic year, dealing with all the fun and drama of school life.

The chairman of the governors has more than the school on his mind: he wants to keep using an abandoned building in the wilderness area of the school’s twelve acres as a secret MI6 safe house. Unfortunately for him, there’s an assassin on the loose and defecting spies are being murdered. Are locally recruited lookouts the answer?

Throughout the changes and challenges of the year, hope runs high. Chloe finds the love of her life, and Skip learns there is more to running a school than having a dream. Only time will tell where the newcomers’ journey will take them next.

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British cast-iron firebacks of the 16th to mid 18th centuries

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