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In keeping with my recent form, I had yet another free trip. This time I went on a school trip to the Lake Manyara National Park.

Lake Manyara is less than two hours drive from the school. It is not the largest national park, but it is packed with wildlife.

elephantmanyara (317k image)

However, possibly the most amusing point in the day was when we arrived at the park in the morning. I was prepared with my form which entitles school trips to free access. Unfortunately, the woman working at the gate didn't believe that I was a teacher. And while I did have my passport with residents visa stamp, it did not state my place of work. I felt that the busload of school children was proof enough.

We were eventually allowed in and the children had a great time. Much amusement. The only problem was trying to get the children to not shout out wildly when they saw an animal. I couldn't be too annoyed because it is just a natural reaction when kids are excited. It just means that you get a bit less time to look at the animals.


wilderbeastmanyara (137k image)

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