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Over the weekend I stayed at a luxury lodge near lake Manyara. I don't make a habit of going to two hundred dollar a night places, but I got it free.

I was there, along with others, to be in the hotel's brochure. Cheesy publicity snaps. The food was lovely, the rooms were nice, and all I had to do was look as if I was enjoying myself. The view from the pool was also rather pleasant.

freelodge (201k image)

I climbed up the escarpment on Sunday to see a waterfall. This was on the way.

waterfalldistance (341k image)

A big macca was, unfortunately, deemed unnacceptable fo the publication.


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Yesterday morning it was time for assembly, and the kids were a touch restless. The kids were just beginning to go into the hall. The children nearest the school office were the last to go in. While waiting, they had noticed a monkey sneaking in to one of the rooms opposite. As this was the room of the primary head and she was busy with assembly, I headed for the office. The monkey just looked around and legged it.

The large insect outside my door was not so shy.

dudu2 (204k image)

However, I imagine the gecko is rather pleased about the late evening snacks on offer.

gecko (78k image)



Over the past week it has been raining now and again. Whenever the rain comes one or more species of insect gets its moment and comes out in droves.

This is the view out of my front door after one such evening of rain.

dudu (158k image)


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The national parks of Tanzania are large in both size and number. Many of the main roads pass through them. A bus journey can prove rather interesting. It's not a paid up safari with rambling, but it is free.

ngorogoro (153k image)

tarangiresunset (76k image)

I was impressed by this story on the bbc about the Selous Game Sanctuary.

Success story

Tree-climbing rangers help save Tanzania's endangered rhinos

Unfortunately, while passing though a national park in the bus, I've never seen a rhino. In fact I've never seen a rhino on an actual safari in Tanzania. I did see a rhino on a safari in a taxi in Zambia. The national park is connected to Victoria Falls, and has hippos in the Zambezi.

victoriafalls (95k image)

I took that photograph from this bridge.

vic_falls_bridge1 (31k image)

Zambia is on the right hand side, and Zimbabwe is on the left. With a temporary pass from the customs chaps you can go onto the bridge without going into Zimbabwe. The bridge isn't in either country.

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