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Over the weekend I stayed at a luxury lodge near lake Manyara. I don't make a habit of going to two hundred dollar a night places, but I got it free.

I was there, along with others, to be in the hotel's brochure. Cheesy publicity snaps. The food was lovely, the rooms were nice, and all I had to do was look as if I was enjoying myself. The view from the pool was also rather pleasant.

freelodge (201k image)

I climbed up the escarpment on Sunday to see a waterfall. This was on the way.

waterfalldistance (341k image)

A big macca was, unfortunately, deemed unnacceptable fo the publication.


Calum Troup said:

Good to see your abilities to secure free bedrooms in quality Hotels is no different from 1 continent to another! At least you managed to make it to your room this time!!

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