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Happy New Year!

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As you can see, I had a lovely Hogamany. My festive season was spent in Malawi. In fact, the rest of the time there was pretty good too. I saw a lot of people who I haven't caught up with for a while. And a few bottle stores too.

Carlsberg, the widely available beer in Malawi, played a part.

On the flight home I was impressed with the view of Mount Meru from the aeroplane.

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Tall said:

Happy New Year, mate :)

Chris said:

Happy New Year Barry!! I too visited a few "bottle stores". Tennents, the widely available beer in Stevenston, played a part. Cheers

Babu said:

neena akkan na kaya.

neena endruna kaya.

neena endurna 1 rathri kalsi koodu

naanu asakadeeyale hoodaadu

boobee barasutheene

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