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After school today, I went into town. It only takes about fifteen minutes in a car, most of which time is spent in the area around the bus station. You could try and take another route, but that would mean all sorts of dirt tracks.

The road into town is actually really good. This has a lot to do with it being both a road to Dodoma and the main road to the Serengeti.

totown (231k image)

There are small shops and various types of business for most of a kilometre stretch of road. Nice tractor.

tractor (256k image)

Almost all of these shops currently have red crosses spray painted on them. Not in any sense vandalism though. The council decided that the road wasn't wide enough, so they measured a distance from the centre of the road. Any buiding within this area would have to knocked down and moved the requisite distance away.

cross (179k image)

However, it's unfortunate the camera cannot properly illustrate the ten speedbumps crossed to reach town.

town1 (190k image)

town2 (178k image)


emma, tall & calum said:

It's high time you sent us all an email!! See you in July. Good footie tonight.

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