Presents I have received from my work

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1 x box 36 individual cartons UHT milk

1 x box 48 individually wrapped oranges

Chinese New Year

1 x large presentation box 'Peasant Orchard' nuts

1 x station logo reversible vest

International Women's Day

1 x box 36 Nestle peanut wafers

1 x 750ml Pantene shampoo

10 x bottles Daheng Natural Haw Nectar

6 x station logo pens


hodgers said:

Hi Jenny. Really excited to see how this blog turns out - it's looking great.

Are these presents you got from actual people at work, or from the company as a whole? And are you expected to reciprocate with equally odd gifts?

Jenny said:

Weirdly, enough they are from the company. I assume. So far they have just appeared on my desk on each of the aforementioned holidays, without explanation. Apart from the shampoo - I was asked to select that from a range of other odd-smelling shower-based products. Not sure about the reciprocation part, although I have brought at least four boxes of Scottish shortbread in since I started last October.

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