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Friday night and I can't


Friday night and I can't wait for the weekend, I keep thinking it's going to start and that I'll be out those doors (the ones that keep you in work) any minute now... I've just got to make that call, write that list, check that website etc.. you get my drift!

But now, it's time to get into my blog. And I'm thinking of having a pizza tonite as I'm missing out a nite with my mate Emma who's taking a walk down memory lane tonite and going to the QM to see the Proclaimers! Emma, cause I know I'll tell you about this log, dad didn't want to clean Grandma's flat tonite afterall.

Anyway, I've started writing for 2 reasons. First, because I'm making a programme about a day in the life of bloggers in Scotland and I want to get in touch with as many people as possible. I'm a radio producer and work for BBC Radio Scotland and last month my boss Jeff asked me if I knew anything at all about blogging?
My answer: ???! but I was intrigued...

The idea is that on the 5th of November, Bonfire Night, we keep a log of 10 or 12 bloggers writing about their day. There will probably be a couple of themes we'll focus on but essentially it's people's thoughts and everyday events that we want to feature. I'd then like to record people reading their blogs (this is not essential) from the Orkneys to Dumfries and mix it in with news and events from a day in Scotland. Does that make sense? If anyone is interested pls get in touch with me on I've been scouring the net and have found some really great blogs and next week will be sending out an email directly to many of them. I'll be using

The other reason I wanted to start this diary is that I've noticed that the whole social aspect of the internet is something I've avoided for years. My friends will tell you I don't even reply to emails that well, if it takes more than a line or two anyway. The mad thing is I love talking so logically this should be right up my street?

I don't have a computer at home at the moment so will only be writing mon-fri from work. Right, pizza calling, have to go - have a good weekend!

I hereby officially open this


I hereby officially open this log, sounds a bit Star Trekky already. It's day one. Being an absolute blog virgin Hodgers has helped me get started, so thanks to him and to Martin for getting the ball rolling. Cheers guys.

Got loads still to do at work so don't have time to talk yet but just wanted make contact. It's gonna be fun. cheers


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