I know you're dying to


I know you're dying to know... Yes, the Big Quiz Night in Dalmellington was a RIP ROARING SUCCESS!! congrats to Jo & Jen and everyone who worked on it. We've recorded fantastic material, only problem is - there's so much of it. A lot of listening through and editing in store over the few days. It'll be a great story.

Good nite had by Jaffar & Willie (the roving reporters) who at one point were accosted by a crowd of zealous pub quizzers, the female kind, and had their specially made T-shirts ripped off. Couldn't stop talking about it in the car back, I drove back since I made Jaffar drive down. Our lives were only at risk the ONCE!

Thanks for all your emails about BLOGDAY! pls keep spreading the word. We're scouring the net at the moment, researching and reading, looking for weird and wonderful writers who'd like to feature in the programme we're making.

We've also got a new Blogday team member who on his first day (today) bought profiteroles. Smart move Faz.

He has also endeared himself to us because this weekend he had a Marilyn Monroe Moment. First time in a kilt and he was caught unawares by a gust of wind at Edinburgh Castle. Great wedding photo... Thanks for the tip Muslim, we've been quietly humming "... let the wind blow high, let the wind blow low..." all afternoon.

And Me? Quiet weekend, needed to recooperate. DVD fest at my sisters on Saturday night & coffee with Maya on Sunday were about the height of my social endeavours. Fab.


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