Hey there.....like my new look


Hey there.....like my new look diary? It was my very good friend Hodgers that did this....luv ya Tom ;o) xx

So yesterday I went to the docs :o) he more or less told me everything I already know but it settled me a wee bit and now im looking more to the future.....

First and foremost he told me everything was fine :o) He worked it out that baby will be due around the end of May 2004 and as I suspected I am now just about 6 1/2 weeks preggars. He told me not to believe all the old wives tales about never bending over or lifting things etc and just told me not to take up anything mad....such as bungee jumping...damn there goes my plans for next weekend ;o) He told me that baby is now protected by a little sack and knocks or bumps shouldn't affect him/her as baby will always find an equilibrium in the wee sack. He told me to eat healthily....take folic acid...exercise regularly. I pleaded with him for something to prevent stretchmarks...but he can't prescribe miracles unfortunately lol.

He said that a wee letter will follow in about 2 weeks and I will then go and see him and the midwives to see how baby is coming on....I don't have my first scan until about week 16 though. He wished me all the best and sent me on my merry way :o)

Mother has now started telling grandparents etc and im still having to pull her past shops like Mother Care!!! I feel great today by the way...again :o)

Catch ya tomorrow...NikTheHungryHippoToday xxx

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