Hi :o) well being it


Hi :o) well being it my 7th week and everything, here is a little info. on what baby is doing at this stage in my pregnancy. If you would like to see a little pic to give you an idea of what baby looks like, click here.

Brain child -

Your little's one's big accomplishment last week was the "zipping up" of the neural tube. This week, the budding genius is working on building brainpower. Although brain development will continue long after birth, the basic sections are laid down now. As the week progresses, the organ will divide into three parts: forebrain, midbrain, and hindbrain. The forebrain will be responsible for things such as reasoning, problem solving, and forming and retaining memories. The midbrain will function as a traffic cop, relaying electrical signals to their final destinations in the brain. And the hindbrain will take care of breathing, heart rate, and muscle movement.

The action isn't all upstairs, however. Limbs are also growing fast. Arm and leg buds have sprouted, though at this point they look more like paddles.

Measuring up - Your little one is 0.15 to 0.3 inch (4 to 8 millimeters) long this week, a little larger than the width of your pinky nail.

Nikki xx

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