Hi :o) well i feel


Hi :o) well i feel great today...partly because i just found out that i can go on holiday afterall...you see people were trying to scare me by saying pregnant women can't fly on a plane! Apparantly it's only at the later stages...say 36 weeks that it's more risky.....they don't want ya going into labour on the plane...although it has been known to happen! So in just over 1 month's time i shall be jetting off to Portugal with Paul for a nice wee winter week...i should be about 3 months pregnant then...and the clothes may be starting to pull around the belly by then :o).

But i also feel great because Paul finally told his Mother last night about our news.....he tried loads of times but the words just wouldn't come out lol....god love him. She is happy for us too :o) so my day is going great so far...still no sickness or anything...and long may it last ......NikkiHappyChappy xx

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