Hi Peeps :o) I haven't


Hi Peeps :o) I haven't been around in a while but it just means I've got loads more to tell ya. Well I feel well and truly pregnant now.... I mean I know I always was but now that my bump is REALLY showing and I have sorted out my maternity leave in work, it seems to have really sucken in now!

I have been seeing my doctor for regular checkups and things are going great...baby and I are healthy. I wake a few times through the night now very unsettled and a wee bit uncomfortable, but if I wake to baby kicking it gives me a warm feeling inside and I lovingly caress my belly (and usually wake up Paul to get him to feel it too hehe!). I sleep with pillows in-between my knees....behind my back etc...I'm surprised there is enough room for Paul! I have even started signing lullabies to Jnr (not during the night though as this would obviously drive Paul nuts!) as I read that this can be soothing for baby and that if I sing the same song when baby is actually here, it should have the same effect! I sing My Bonny Lies Over The Ocean awwww! Am I sad?

Baby is over 13 inches long now and lying right across my tummy...I usually feel a kick at my left side and a punch at the right...meaning baby is really working out! I was reading the paper the other night and it jumped in the air when baby kicked...it's really rather weird (but wonderful) to see my belly move and Paul and I get lots of entertainment from it.

I have arranged to finish work on 12th March, which gives me about 6 weeks off before baby is due...and I cant wait, I'm really looking forward to some time off to lull about. I'm not too sure if I'll come back part-time/full-time or whether I'll take a wee break to be with baby, I'll wait until the little one is here then decide.

I have another scan on 16th Feb which I can't wait for as baby will be very well developed (around 30 weeks) and I should see loads, then it'll only be another 10 weeks until baby decides to join the big wide world! I can't believe it's all going so fast....and I can truly say that I thoroughly enjoy being pregnant :o) maybe some day I'll have another diary up here!!!!

Love Nikki xox


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