Hiya :o) I have brilliant


Hiya :o) I have brilliant news....had my 1st scan and baby is doing well. I am actually 12 weeks pregnant..I thought I was only 10 weeks! The scan was so very clear...we could see arms, legs, eyes, mouth, a wee belly...and the reason the nurse new that I am 12 weeks is because the arms are fully formed (and also because I am over my sickness now). I swear I think little jnr was waving at us lol. It's an amazing experience and I feel so much happier now. Paul and I and everybody else I know are absolutey over the moon :o)

Click here to see a copy of my scans....if you look carefully my baby is lying on it's side with it's hand by it's face...you can see the belly, arm and face clearly enough in the 1st one, and the face very clearly in the 2nd one. MummyNikki xxxx

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