Howdy partners ;o) went for


Howdy partners ;o) went for my 30 week scan today and everything is fandabbydosey....jnr is growing at a steady rate and seems happy as Larry swimming about and having regular work outs in the mama ship...weighing in at 3lbs already - apparently that is the norm! They say baby grows 1/2 lb per week from now on in...meaning im gonna have an 8lb-er!!! I prefer little cute chubby babies anyway :o) but I may not say that on the big it'll be a case of "GIVE ME ALL THE PAIN RELIEF YOU HAVE OR ELSE GRRR!" hehe no it'll all be fine im sure...I hope :o/

I've started watching 'Discovery - Health' as they show lots of programs about babies and stuff about labour & delivery. Don't know if its a good idea or not though.... its a very informative channel and all but when I see the complicated births im like ...right that's it this channel is wick im not watching ever again...then 10 mins later im glued to it again! I suppose its good cos it is preparing me for the worst? My favorite ones are the births that go really matter what though, I just know im gonna be one of these mummys that blubs all over the place when baby arrives. I think Paul is expecting this. It's a very emotional time though so who would blame me.
Anyway nuff about birth...can ya tell im getting a tad anxious?!

My Mum bought some lovely wee clothes for baby and is currently knitting a little cardi and hat awww. We are all very excited...but nobody as much as me :o) I just cant wait for this little miracle to arrive! One thing I will not miss about being pregnant is the heartburn..ewwwww it's horrible! But they say that if that's the case, baby will have a really good head of hair! Probably another old wives tale but we'll see :o)

I'm still working at the moment..another 3 Fridays to go...not counting or anything ;o) Catch ya all later...take care, Nikki xx


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