Well the past few days


Well the past few days have just been a whirlwind of excitement since I found out that I was pregnant...I am ecstatic but nervous...proud but confused...boy what a mixture of emotions running through me at the moment..and my boyfriend Paul!

After doing 2 home pregnancy tests I still couldn't believe that me..Nikki..was actually pregnant so I did another 2 the next day! I still hadn't accepted the fact so to be totally totally sure I had a test at the docs lol, as I hear they are more accurate... and yesterday I found out from the experts that I am indeed pregnant :o) I go to see the doctor on Thursday and he will give me a due date....I think I will have accepted it all more by then.

Paul and I are happy and people are happy for us :o) we are starting to tell more people now...even though they tell you to wait a while.....but how can you be expected to do that...its too exciting and you think the whole world should know lol.

Anyway.....I'm going to share everything with you throughout my pregnancy...I hope you don't mind me going into loads of detail here but I reckon this will be great for newly expectant Mothers as they will probably have felt much the same and like me will probably have thought "are these feelings normal?". But it's also nice for anybody else to read along too :o) especially those curious ones.

About 2 weeks ago (around the time when the fertilised egg would have been implanting itself into my uterus on week 4...after travelling along my fallopian tubes all that time!) I was getting sore (or rather uncomfortable) I had pretty much the symptoms you have just before your period starts - cramps...tiredness...hunger pangs....and one thing I'll never forget - really sore boobs! Even having a shower was an effort lol.

But the uncomfortableness gradually faded and now, 2 weeks later (6 weeks pregnant) im not as sore...I just get tired easily...can't face certain foods such as potato...chicken (anything dry really) and I have huge a craving for strawberries :o) I had a BK strawberry milkshake last night and it was like pure heaven to me when before I wasn't really fused on them!

My Mother is delighted (can't believe that her baby is having a little baby) and has got me some great pregnancy books....she is already talking about names and knitting cardigans! I'm like "Mum....slow down" god love her lol. Obviously its the biggest thing on my mind at the moment and im always daydreaming about or talking about it...my boyfriend Paul is like "yes I had a good day thank you very much!" Oops! But who can blame me...im gonna be bringing a little life into the world!!

At the moment baby is the size of an apple pip....and next week (week 7) will have tripled and be the size of a grape! The week after that (week 8) baby will be the size of a strawberry! Its so amazing when you read about it and see the wee pictures....as the moment baby is developing vital organs and there are little buds where his/her heart, arms, legs and eyes will be. So I have to really look after my body at the moment and feed it healthily and not do anything too strenuous...suits me fine :o) One thing I never did before was read the back of packets...there are actually quite a few things that you cant have during pregnancy!

I will be continuing at my gym as the instructors have told me about a special program that they offer for pregnant women.....they monitor your heart rate and temperature..not letting them get above a certain level. And they work on strengthening the muscles you use while giving birth. So that's good to know....but in a few months time it'll prob be the last thing I'll want to do after work! If I could get away with sleeping this very moment I would happily slide under my desk and have a right wee snooze lol.

Tomorrow I will update you with some more biz but right now I have to dash to the loo......another major symptom of pregnancy!

Cheerio for now...Mummy Nikki xx


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