Ghost of Geddes: Civics as Applied Sociology
by Alex Law

Ossian, Sonority and the Celtic Twilight in Geddes' Circle
by Norman Shaw

Intellectual activism and modern land use planning

Towards a civic renascence?

The Ahness of Learning

The Urban Village: A Charter for Democracy and Sustainable Development in the City,
by Alberto Magnaghi

On Vegetarianism
by Elisee Reclus

Promise of De-schooling
by Matt Hern

Outlook Tower as an Anamorphis of the World
by Pierre Chabard

Enduring Themes in Education
by Kenneth Cadenhead

Patrick Geddes In India: from Synthesis to Integration
by Graham King

Lewis Mumford and the Disciple's Rebellion
by Mike Small

Patrick Geddes and the Edinburgh Social Union
by Graham Urquhart

Elisee Reclus and Patrick Geddes,
Geographies of the Mind

by Tom Steel

Hand Heart and Head - theories of education, gardens, civics and life insurgent
by Mike Small



Out of Place by Graham Ross

The Abolition of Schools by Matt Hern

Competition as Death
by Alistair McIntosh

Guerrila Gardens and Urban Ecology
by Carmelo Ruiz-Marrero

Biopolis: Patrick Geddes and the City of Life by Volker Welter, reviewed by Murdo Macdonald

Anarchist Modernism: Art, Politics, and the First American Avant-Garde
by Allan Antliff, reviewed by Murdo Macdonald

Lewis Mumford and Patrick Geddes - The Correspondence Edited by Frank G Novak, reviewed by Mike Small

Patrick Geddes, Social Evolutionist and City Planner by Helen Meller, reviewed by Mike Small




with Bashabi Fraser on Rabindranath Tagore and Patrick Geddes

with Volker Welter on Biopolis