I may have returned to some semblance of normality today. However, my problems were only due to reasons which could, and have, affected me in many a place.

Yesterday I was in the grips of a quite involving hangover. It was of biblical epic proportions. (Charlton Heston should have starred in it.) Therefore, my day revolved around relaxing, watching football, drinking moderately and eating badly cooked fried food. It had all of the elements required to pull myself together. Well, that and nagging felling that I was always falling.....

Anyway, today is a usual Sunday. The religious punters are giving it plenty. (By that I mean shouting) And keeping my sunday morning doze brief. I've read the Sunday papers, and all that I can remember from those are the football scores, and thats only because I saw them yesterday. Oh, and I've made chips. (I needed junk food.)

As I continue my decline into sloth, I can at least shed some light on the reasons.

On Friday, I recieved my first pay cheque from school. Happy days. This, understandably, prompted an ill thought out, and impromptu drink.

....I definetly remember being in four nightclubs, (but I think two of those were the same one twice.) one of them even had a glitter ball. The music was African, or R and B. And I don't like R and B, but as the evening progresses I'll dance to any old rubbish.

This is not even taking into consideration the bars encountered earlier. I was keeping sensible and staying on the Kilimanjaro lager, which is pretty good. But sheer volume won in the end.

I think I spent a whole fifteen pounds, and that takes hard work.

By Monday morning, Mr Kennedy will be back at school. I feel good by then, and hopefully look a little better. I must be getting old if a hangover can last this long....

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