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I'm just back from a

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I'm just back from a rather pleasant little jaunt to Kenya.

The main purpose of my visit was to buy guitar strings, as these are unavailable in Tanzania. I completed this on the second day of my travels. So I decided to go for a ramble to Lake Victoria. Various small and uncomfortable buses later, I arrived in Kisumu. I found a hotel on the lakeside and promptly set about relaxing. I read a pile of books, drank some tusker and had a jolly good time.

On one evening out, I got chatting to a bloke who had got a loan a government ministers car for a few days. It was a black merc with flags on the front and special plates. In a car like this you can go wherever you want, no one is going to stop you. Although, I was not convinced by the chap's driving, and I imagine that he will have to get the damaged fixed before the car is returned.

My return to Nairobi was also quite an experience on the overnight train. A twenty year old British rail number. I was initially a bit down upon seeing the no smoking signs everywhere, but these had never been taken off since the train had been in Britain. When I asked a guy who was working on the train if there was a certain place where you could smoke, he replied, "anywhere."

Anyway, here is a picture of Lake Victoria from Kisumu.

victoria (94k image)

Insects are great. The large


Insects are great.

insects2 (126k image)

insects1 (172k image)

The large beetle, pictured above, was being taken around the school by some primary school kids. Much the displeasure of a number of other students. I thought it was funny.

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