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I do actually work, however I do get a lot of holidays. With this in mind, I'd like to tell you about my trip to the seat of everything, Ngorogoro Crater. It really is quite a place. It is a massive volcanic rupture, seveteen kilometeres wide, in the earth's crust. It is a huge, wide and completely flat grassland. Herbivores love it. Currently, it is the rainy season, so all the animals are hanging around for a drink and some food.

animals2! (167k image)

zebrasbums (320k image)

animals! (191k image)

elephanotngoro2 (166k image)

elephantnogoro1 (231k image)

flamingoes (156k image)

I watched this particular female lion being seen off by the wilderbeast..... very impressive.

lion (255k image)

Oh yes, it's a big Macca.

maccangoro (254k image)

ngogrogo1 (107k image)

Isn't it all rather lovely?

....and so Kilimanjaro was conquered. Here is the hike, as told through the medium of the big macca thumbs up.

maccak1 (239k image)

maccak2 (138k image)

maccak3 (176k image)

maccak4 (126k image)

maccak5 (162k image)

Note: Ayr, Ayr, Super Ayr. Bottom of Divsion One in Scotland, top in Africa.

maccak6 (221k image)

The whole experience was rather tough, if not somewhat arduous. It is indeed a long way to Uhuru peak. However, Hendrick, eight kids and myself reached the top. Splendid.


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Well, have I ever been a busy camper.

Over the past week or two I have been working rather furiously. The main reason for this is next week's Kilimanjaro hike. Thirteen year nine students, accompanied by four teachers (of whom I am one), are going to climb the mountain over six days.

I have ended up organising the trip, which has been a lot to think about. Although the main point is that I will miss a whole week of school. This has meant that I have planned the full weeks lessons in some detail. I have also completed the children's report cards quite hastily.

School just gets somewhat chaotic now and again. However, I can't argue with climbing mount Kilimanjaro for free. (I'll have to work on getting the kickbacks and slushfunds, and then it will all be just too easy.)

I shall post some interesting photos upon my return from my wander.

In the meantime, here is a picture of the continuing nonsense that is the large avocado tree in my garden. Avocados are sore if they fall on you, but now pieces of the tree have started falling under the sheer weight of fruit. Which is quite clearly rubbish.

avocado (390k image)

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