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For those who care, I have been conspicuous by my absence.

This was largely due to my British tour over the summer. Dates in Ayr, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Nottingham, Andover and London made for a rather hectic schedule and many a hangover. Here I am in London.

tate (143k image)

Since my return to the sunny shores of Tanzania, the future that is the internet has not been something which I have had much access to. Matters have been out of my hands, and in the hands of a dodgy virus on the network. What can I say? Sometimes communication is just not possible.

Anyway, I'm back and Arusha is just fine. I've moved into a new house. This is the front room.

frontroom (226k image)

I've also been promoted, I am now head of department for the upper primary. More work, but more money. Good stuff.

Recently I have been trying to improve my Swahili. Most of the week it doesn't matter whether I can speak Kiswahili or not, because it is an English school. However, at the weekend my location for football viewing is Cheetah Bar, and there Kiswahili is definitely necessary. So I asked the Kiswahili teacher in school to give me some lessons. I do have a ‘teach yourself Swahili' book, but strangely it doesn't have a chapter for discussing football.

Some useful words and phrases;

Tobo – nutmeg

Refarii anahitaji miwani. – The referee needs glasses.

Una kunywa bea ipi? – Which beer do you drink?

The only good mosquito (mbu) is a dead one.

deadmbu (5k image)


hodgers said:

Welcome back, Barry!

Congrats on the promotion; am dead pleased you're back online and reporting from the front line once again.

holmes said:

Congrats on the promotion! good work...

Good to hear from you too.

Keep an eye on jenny's first show goes out on thursday, will be putting a streaming link up there, just dummy content there at the mo though, check it on thursday...

Andrew Holmes said:

Hi Barry, good to see you back and congrats on the promotion. Any horticultutral advice for the new place, let me know. Avocado problems and all that. I must remember that Swahili for abuse shouting at Somerset park. Don't suppose there is Swahili for "We hate killi more than you!"

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