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The national parks of Tanzania are large in both size and number. Many of the main roads pass through them. A bus journey can prove rather interesting. It's not a paid up safari with rambling, but it is free.

ngorogoro (153k image)

tarangiresunset (76k image)

I was impressed by this story on the bbc about the Selous Game Sanctuary.

Success story

Tree-climbing rangers help save Tanzania's endangered rhinos

Unfortunately, while passing though a national park in the bus, I've never seen a rhino. In fact I've never seen a rhino on an actual safari in Tanzania. I did see a rhino on a safari in a taxi in Zambia. The national park is connected to Victoria Falls, and has hippos in the Zambezi.

victoriafalls (95k image)

I took that photograph from this bridge.

vic_falls_bridge1 (31k image)

Zambia is on the right hand side, and Zimbabwe is on the left. With a temporary pass from the customs chaps you can go onto the bridge without going into Zimbabwe. The bridge isn't in either country.


Tall said:

"The bridge isn't in either country" who repairs it?

Calum Troup said:

What size of Taxi does a Rhino hire?

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