England 0, Turkey 0

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Turkey 0-0 England

Saturday really has to involve football. So as usual, I went to the local,Top Hill Bar, and got a good seat early. I got there at five thirty, and the football was due to kick off at eight. (We're two hours ahead of British time, and it was an evening kickoff) The pub was quiet when I arrived, and I chatted to some friends.

In fact, there was a power cut at the time, and it was nice to sit and chat for a while. The pub is where I learn most of my swahili, profane or otherwise. However, the power came back at seven, and the pub began to get busier. By eight there were a hundred people in the room.

Top Hill Bar has a small room with the bar in it,which is always too dark, and a bigger room to the side of this with a TV at one end. They set up the chairs in rows on a Saturday when the football is on, and bring more out. It's packed. But you have to get in quick or you will get one of the really uncomfortable metal numbers at the back. The front chairs are a few patio sets.

Most people in the pub were supporting England. Mainly because every week, everyone watches two live premiership games on the South African satellite channel. Although, Hassan was along with me, and a few others supporting Turkey. I always support whoever England are playing, and Hassan just doesn't like the way they play football. The populus were initially puzzled by my lack of support for England, but that was all cleared up when the Scotland result was announced. The game was punctuated by much shouting, and some choice swahili. Ultimately, the game was a draw and my 100 schilling(about 7p) bet was safe.

However, the best thing about the pub at the moment is that all the bar staff know me by now, so my beer is always cold. If you don't spcifically ask for a cold beer, you will get a warm one. (baridi - cold) Some things are important.


holmes said:

Here is a guide to swearing in Swahili. Stay loose Kumbafu.

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