Hi folks :o) sorry for


Hi folks :o) sorry for not having been around....was a little sick last week...but don't worry because I'm great now :o) I was having a few wee concerning pains and was very nauseous....but it was nothing serious and I was assured that it is only my body accommodating the little one inside....the body has a lot to get used to! But once I hit 12 weeks apparently it all settles and I will start to feel great and I will start blooming :o)

I am just waiting now for my letter to come from the hospital regarding my first antenatal appointment for scans etc and the waiting is driving me craaaazy!! It's frustrating, as I don't feel I can go and look at wee baby things just yet. But as people say...it'll be here soon enough...and soon enough I'll be showing, and complaining about how my clothes don't fit me anymore lol......bring it on is what I say!

So Daddy and I are getting on well...it has brought us closer....we think its amazing how we two could create a little life together. We are looking for somewhere to live at the moment as it just makes you want to be together at all times. So the next lot of months are going to be a BIG test on our relationship...lets hope it all works out :o)

Well baby is now 10 weeks old.....and the size of a plum apparently! Goodness me junior is growing fast! Catch ya later ...Nikki xx


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