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I do actually work, however I do get a lot of holidays. With this in mind, I'd like to tell you about my trip to the seat of everything, Ngorogoro Crater. It really is quite a place. It is a massive volcanic rupture, seveteen kilometeres wide, in the earth's crust. It is a huge, wide and completely flat grassland. Herbivores love it. Currently, it is the rainy season, so all the animals are hanging around for a drink and some food.

animals2! (167k image)

zebrasbums (320k image)

animals! (191k image)

elephanotngoro2 (166k image)

elephantnogoro1 (231k image)

flamingoes (156k image)

I watched this particular female lion being seen off by the wilderbeast..... very impressive.

lion (255k image)

Oh yes, it's a big Macca.

maccangoro (254k image)

ngogrogo1 (107k image)

Isn't it all rather lovely?


Tich said:

It looks great, the elephant looks like someone's spilled his pint and he's about to go nuts.

More to the point though, is that one of my tshirts I see you wearing? I was wondering where that had gone. I bet you've got my green one too. At least my clothes are getting to travel. :-)

Tich said:

Oh yeah, nice macca too. I'll need to print the maccas for brian.

Paul said:

This is dum lovely achimwene

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