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An addition to the list!

I've just received a pretty fantastic presentation box in honour of the beginning of the badminton season.....

It contains:

1 x pair navy blue company logo embossed sweat bands

1 x navy blue company logo embossed head band

1 x small light blue company logo embossed sports towel



Apparently it's totally acceptable for 25% of a Chinese radio news room to be - literally - asleep at their desks at two in the afternoon. Who's writing all those 'everyone in the world supports the anti-secession' stories then?

Maybe this picture will make the atmosphere marginally less morgue-ish for twenty seconds or so.


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This link is for my own future reference - I never want to find myself googling "bon jovi" + "metrosexual" again, thank you.

The presents from work are


The presents from work are actually a reasonably normal Chinese practice. In days gone by, almost everything in a person's life was dictated by their work unit, or 'dan wei': your job, where you lived, any social security, the number of square metres you and your family were allocated to live in... Until very recently, you had to get written permission from your dan wei if you wanted to get divorced. The presents, I suppose, relate to being well looked after within this 'support network'.

Now that this system no longer really exists, with thousands of previously state-owned business being sold off either domestically or abroad, lots of people whose pensions etc should have been taken care of are left to fend for themselves.

I should think myself lucky for the haw nectar, really.


1 x box 36 individual cartons UHT milk

1 x box 48 individually wrapped oranges

Chinese New Year

1 x large presentation box 'Peasant Orchard' nuts

1 x station logo reversible vest

International Women's Day

1 x box 36 Nestle peanut wafers

1 x 750ml Pantene shampoo

10 x bottles Daheng Natural Haw Nectar

6 x station logo pens

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