I've done it! It's happening


I've done it!

It's happening again, can't seem to post - so here's my posting in comment stylee.

Today is a great day! Quiz Town is packed off to Presentation and will be on air 2mrw morning at 11.33, rpt 22.30 (same timing as Blogday next Friday!). Finished the edit on Monday but it's now gone. Never worked with so much audio material before, took a L-O-O-O-O-O-N-N-N-N-G time to finish... sigh.

Obscurity and Timesnewroman were in today reading their blogs. Think Faithtastic met up with Laura yesterday. So that' us, we've got our stuff. Still unsure about using the audio blogs, content is fun but the quality is not great, have to decide tomorrow. Time has now come to start experimenting. Might come in at the weekend, see how far we get tomorrow.

Can't believe tomorrow is the last day for this years Diversity Team. We've been working together since last December - the year has... you know it's been faster the light, time has flown in. Going off for a long last lunch tomorrow. Shame Roshni can't be there, but Eid in Pakistan must be incredible.

Heads buzzing, must go home.

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