"I've got Blogday down to


"I've got Blogday down to about 1hr 26 mins per this lunch time. That means over an hour to lose by tomorrow hopefully. Have decided not to use the audio blogs. Listened again this morning, content in some of them is great but quality is not. Shame.

Faz is in the process of finding archive and clips for me, have got some funky music but can't begin to experiment with that until I've chopped the programme down some more.

It is very difficult. I've now met some of you and am familiar with all your voices and stories. Maybe we should have made a two-parter? Will try and include everyone.

Has anyone heard the trails? There are currently 3 versions, one on the language of blogging, one with Polkadot and another with Heartland.

Hopefully, this is me online again.

Going for a wander down Byres rd to get some lunch, usually make my own but wasn't really inspired this morning."

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