Hello there :o) 18 weeks


Hello there :o)

18 weeks preggars now and growing....my bump has just appeared from nowhere! I was showing a little but over the weekend it has formed into a right wee round mound....and im all happy :o) I'm also happy because Paul and I are now in our new appartment and things are going really well...I feel a lot more content...so does he. I called over to Mum's last night to get some things and my Dad was like...huh has he thrown you out already...lol.

I start taking my iron tablets today...which will make me feel not so knakkered...although this past while i have been feeling grand...maybe it's cos I have so much going on with the new appartment and that...my wee mind is always active..therefore I don't get bored and tired? Who knows! But the main thing is I feel great, unstressed and relaxed...and baby is healthy.

The blood tests that I got taken at my 'Booking In Appointment' where all clear which is great news. Now I can sit back and chill and let nature take it's course :o)

That's all for now folks....Nikki xox

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