My raison d'etre... Finding and


My raison d'etre...

Finding and reading loads of weblogs, going to be very difficult to decide on the final 10-12, there's so much to choose between! Tomorrow, Laura, Faz, Jaffar and I are going to make our 'nearly' last decision. I say nearly because you never know what's hiding behind the next link... We're still looking for people from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds, any tips would be much appreciated. There are also a lot of people writing in the Central belt, the more people from across the country the better!

On a more personal note, I saw a fantastic exhibition at the Tate when I was in London at the weekend. My mate Jerry, who works at World Service is always late so I had 50 minutes to myself with The Weather Project spent most of it flat on my back looking at all us plebs in the huge mirrors. Fantastic.


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