Met up with some very


Met up with some very interesting guys on monday at TVC in London. Thanks for the invite! It was great to get some insight into the mindset of the main players. Have to admit I did on occasion feel like an intruder. Not that I totally lost the thread of conversation, I just hadn't realised it was such a boys club. Euan, check the obvious said of the 40 BBC bods who were going to come for the meet, 4 were women. I was the only one there. No big deal but a bit confusing, because there seem to be a lot of women out their writing... Strange.

Have you heard of Stuart Hughes? Beyond Northern Iraq? He has an incredible story to tell through his blog stuart in iraq Incredible. I really enjoyed talking to him.

As promised and because I'm practising, here's a link to a blog I'm starting to get a taste for plasticbag I'm sure you've all known about him for ages.


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