On a break from editing...


On a break from editing... well I started after lunch so I suppose I don't need a huge break. Back pain, that's it, huge, xcruciating back pain, need lots of breaks... bought some grapes to sustain me. I enjoy the process of piecing together documentaries, playing little scenario's out in your head to see if they make sense when you put them together. Sometimes hours fly by but other times the minutes drag - think today is that kind of a day. But strangely the stories play out in your head and more times than not after a more difficult day you wake up next morning with a zillion ideas running through your head. I know that day will be Monday!

Just realised how tempting it is to go back into your last posting and edit, bad habit.

Thanks for reading the blog Caroline! wandered into Events and Entertainment looking for a sound effects CD and lo & behold she'd logged onto littleblip. Keep forgetting it's out there.

Have talked to a few bloggers in the last couple of days, great to put voices to the written word and very soon faces to those voices. I've just emailed Tom with today's list of contributors but there may be one or two extra added on Monday. Jaffar and Laura are still scouring the web looking for more female bloggers in Scotland.

Meant to have a rant about car drivers and their total disregard for cyclists (like me) but guilt is propelling me back to editing room. I'm sure there will be another similiar scenario very soon to SCREAM about!! and that' talking as an ex-Irn Belle.


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