Morning :o) well i'm 14


Morning :o) well i'm 14 weeks pregnant now and feeling great for it. Apart from the odd annoying zit or 2 i'm glowing and am told that I am very lucky. If only it were this easy here on in...but I sense that there will be no real difficulties :o)

Well Paul and I are winding down in time for our holiday, we jet off in the early hours of Sunday morning. I have been really busy in work, as has Paul, so we are really looking forward to it....a chance to get away from everything for a bit. And it's great for us as we don't see a lot of each other as we both still live with our parents, at opposite ends of the town. We looked at a lovely flat the other night...seemed just perfect but we will take our time...keep our options open and all that.

So my little bump is expanding quite quickly now.....i'm into bigger clothes...but not quite maternity wear yet. I got a little t-shirt last night with the slogan 'Pregnant - not fat' hehe. I'm still trying to hold back from buying anything for baby...until I have my 2nd scan at least...which will be in a few weeks time. Which reminds me, I still haven't received the literature for that! Hospitals!...sometimes I despair!

NikkiLittleBump xxx

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