Hello :o) well I am


Hello :o) well I am such happy chappy today...because I go for my 1st scan this Thursday. But it wouldn't have been that way if I hadn't have looked into it....

I rang the antenatal clinic to find out what was keeping my 1st appointment letter....they'd only gone and sent it to the wrong address! And they were asking me to come along for my scan at the end of November..when I would have been 16 weeks...4 months!! Everybody I spoke to advised me to speak to my GP and find out what was happening. So sure enough I rang my GP and she was as confused as I was. She was really nice about it and said she would look into it and for me to call her back in a few days. So that made me a lot happier.

But it just so happens that when I got home that evening, my GP had indeed rang the house and left a message with my Mother that I am to go this Thursday for a 'reassurance scan'...I was so happy! It will put my wee mind at rest. If I had to wait until week 16 I think I would have gone completely mad! It just goes to prove that you have to speak up in these situations!

So there you are...I'll have my 1st wee scan in a couple of days. Baby will only be 10 1/2 weeks (1st scan is usually at 12 weeks) so may not be too clear but I don't care...I just wanna know that my little baby is ok :o) I will get my picture posted on this site for you to have a look at....and everything will all seem that little bit more real. I promise to get pics of my growing bump up here soon too....it'll be fun to see just how quickly my belly..and my baby :o)...grows.

Catch ya soon...OverTheMoonNikki xxxx

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