Being BlackMailed - my boss,


Being BlackMailed - my boss, Jeff Z. wants a mention. He lives at the end of the corridor in a small room where the blinds are always drawn... this is how he developed his passion for reading blogs. Oh! but he is such a nice man and has an endless store of brilliant ideas AND always looks exceptionally intelligent when he relays them to us with comic fervour. Today I compulsively burst into laughter at the sight of him. He also brings his childrens toys to work because "they hadn't been to the BBC yet", a request from his youngest child. I saw him introduce a bear to Karen.

Is that enough? have I saved my job Mr Z?

Did anyone see the full moon last week?

It was incredible. There's large tree at the back of the building I live in and last thursday the wind was thrashing it, the sound was fantastic. Through the branches I could see this neon moon, clouds were being driven past it. I turned off all the lights and sat down to watch. Made me feel so alive, as if there were so many opportunities out there waiting to be experienced. Nearly made me laugh out loud. I love autumn.

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