Hiya :o) yes I'm still


Hiya :o) yes I'm still alive....sorry for not having been around. Not long back from Portugal with Paul...it was lovely and relaxing (apart from my mood swings kicking in...Paul just ended up agreeing with me over everything for an easy life lol) but it was lovely getting away, the weather was really pleasant. I miss Paul lots now.

So now I'm 16 weeks pregnant! Wow ain't it flying in. And I go for my next scan in less than 2 weeks...I can't wait! Pregnancy hasn't really held me back from anything at all.... I was still able to fly in a plane...hire a bike. ... sunbathe. You definitely shouldn't listen to all the old wives tales out there.

I'm chuffed cos I've just found out that the hospital I will be having baby in accommodates water births so I'll be asking loads of questions at my next scan.

Well my little bump is continuing to expand...although at a very slow rate...apparently I am 'neat' for this stage in pregnancy..but that's not a bad thing :o)

I'm going to get some of my holiday snaps scanned and put up here once I get them developed. Not related to my preganancy really but we went to see Dolphins and Seals (took loads of pics) and I ended up crying they were so lovely! Well I suppose that is related to my pregnancy...I cry at the simplest things these days.

Catch ya soon...Nikki xx

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