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Appeal refused, I am processed out of the court and taken to Edinburgh Prison. At the prison reception my clothes are taken and I am given a pair of white overalls to wear. After a brief interview and a few forms I am led up to the cell blocks. The wing I am taken to is a wide cream corridor with cells on both sides. The end we enter from has a metal gate which stretches right across. Near the gate is a serving hatch for meals and a few shower cubicles. In the middle of the corridor are a few plastic tables and chairs and a pool table. A guy from the borders who is in for growing plants comes over and we are both put in a cell at the end of the wing. The cell is cream also and has a matching cream metal bunk bed. Across from the bunk bed are some formica units and shelves with a small sink and mirror. In one corner is a toilet with a formica panel round it, and we have on plastic chair. There is a heavily barred window with two pillowcases for curtains and the walls are covered in graffiti and white dots (which I later find out is toothpaste which was used to stick pictures to the walls.)

I lay down on the bottom bunk and George the Plant Grower sits on his heels on the plastic chair, we more or less stay in these positions for the next three days.

Twice a day around noon and five pm we are let out the cell to go to the serving hatch for meals. The food is not good. Curried vegetables with rice or cold pie with cold chips. I am by no means a fussy eater but find it difficult to eat this stuff. Most of the three days I try to sleep, every time I wake George is in his perched position on the plastic chair. He's a soft spoken guy with a broad accent and he talks constantly. He openly admits he has mental health problems and I think he's on strong medication. It's hard to get any sense out of him so I give up trying and concentrate on sleeping. On the second night I get a chance to phone home. I tell the family I'm in Edinburgh and it makes me feel better to hear the boys. They seem to be getting excited about Christmas coming and are in good spirits.

Having been to prison before twice already for this offence I kind of know what to expect. I feel very low just now but I know this will get better and this is the worst part of the sentence. After my phone call last night I had the chance of recreation for an hour but I didn't go. I just don't feel like talking to any people just now. It's better not to associate these first few days rather than go out feeling depressed and get off on the wrong foot with people. Other cons may handle this in a different way but this is my way. It's a different environment than you are used to, so you have to adapt to it. It's not a life sentence I am doing its only six months so already there is light at the end and you have to deal with the in-between.

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