jail's eve


Went to Edinburgh today, I met a good guy who is a QC working in the high court. His opinion on my case was that we should not debate the points of law too much as it might upset the appeal judges. If we do offer our opinion that the crime I commited was not high enough up the scale to merit the sentence that was delivered.The appeal judges will get upset and opinion that it was, and he thinks there would be no value in getting into a debate about it. After all I did plead guilty... Thing that really sticks with me is when they start talking about who you might be in front of and it depends on the weather and what mood they might be in....Wait a minute....I'm an electrical contractor and the standard of my work would not depend on the weather or my mood....or I would hope so. This is peoples lives you are dealing with so come on.....Anyway....between the lines I think the legal ranks have closed, I have been sentenced, and as respected as the sentencing judge is, I get the impression that no one wants to contradict. So I cant get anyone to challenge the ruling, only an appeal on the grounds of mitigation, i.e. I have very little previous convictions.

So, that is the mood, tomorrow I go to prison, wish I was a millionare and could have argued the case a bit more with the help of a couple of top briefs, but I'm not....And can I say now had anyone been injured or serious damage to property occured I would not have appealed because of my own moral principles. However they wern't and if your aunt had baws she would be your uncle so you can debate this all night. However I feel very tired of it all now, Had a long day and just want to go to bed....

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