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Well hello again :o) been


Well hello again :o) been to my big 22 week Ultrasonic Scan and it was truly amazing!

We could see everything so very clearly...legs kicking, heart beating, jaw moving, the umbilical cord, even the blood pumping round the little one's body! This scan is done to check that everything under the sun is ok....making sure that the spine is complete, baby has all it's wee bits 'n' pieces, has plenty of fluid to swim about in, that the placenta is normal etc etc.

Everything is great but little Jnr has decided to turn itself upside down...way way down low...its little feet are just below my belly button now! So the Radiographer couldn't see everything she wanted to (like eyes and fingers etc) and wants me to go back in 2 weeks time. The poor wee thing was comfortable down there and this woman comes along and starts prodding was having none of it lol. She wanted to find out the sex too but couldn't as baby wouldn't open its legs! The scanner thing on my tummy was actually starting to hurt me as she was pushing down for so long so I was glad when it was all over....but mostly glad because baby is well and comfortable and kicking away :o)

Everybody is telling me that it is going to be a boy...because it is being stubborn....because it is lying low...because I crave savory things....because I have heart burn.....well I think that's all silly old wives tales and we'll just have to wait and see. I know I have been hoping for a little girl but I really don't mind....I just can't wait to be holding our little one in my arms. Paul is really getting into the whole thing now....he was at the scan with me and was blown away like I was....he has even been searching through my Babies' Names book!

Have a brill Chrimbo everyone and a fun filled New Year...catch you on the flip side! Lots of Luv, Nikki xoxoxox


Hi folks :o) sorry it's


Hi folks :o) sorry it's been a wee while since I last posted an update.

Well things are fairly different certainly go through many different stages during pregnancy!

I had a bout of the flu last week, and being the anxious expectant Mother that I am, I called into the hospital for a wee check up scan. The baby hadn't been kicking as much as usual you see and my vision was a wee bit blurred with all the sore heads (and they always tell you to check these things out) but of course as soon as the Doc put the scanner on my tummy, baby started doing somersaults....the Doc said that those scanners make liars out of the Mummies lol. They were all really nice about it. But everything is great now and I'm feeling lots better...just a little tired...but most importantly baby is doing really well :o)

I purchased my first batch of maternity clothes last week and god am I glad of them...very comfy indeed...I no longer have to hold the waistband of my trousers together with an elastic band! And now that I am wearing the maternity gear people are noticing my bump a lot more and I'm getting regular pats on the tummy. It's still not overly big but it's definitely there! And I thank god that the maternity stuff out there now is lovely and trendy..nothing like those horrible smocks/tents they used to wear ewwwww!

Well baby is kicking regularly now....usually late at night when I settle down or when there is a lot of noise when I'm on the bus or in amongst people. I thought I had felt movement before, but nothing like this! know when you get those wee palpitations in your heart...well it's kinda like that..only in my tummy...a very strange feeling indeed but lovely all the same. Baby seems to pick up on me chatting to Paul or my Mum and makes lots of movement as if to say "I know you are talking about me out there" lol. I just wish I could see in there to see exactly what Jnr is doing! But I go for my big scan this Monday so I'll be able to see exactly what mischief baby is getting up to in the mama ship.

Paul and I have settled well into our apartment and are looking forward to Christmas…then come the New Year we'll be seriously preparing the baby's arrival in April.

Have a great Christmas everybody. I'll update you on Monday after I go for the scan anyway.

Oh and baby measures roughly 18cms now....about the weight and size of a banana!

Love Nikki xox


Hello there :o) 18 weeks


Hello there :o)

18 weeks preggars now and bump has just appeared from nowhere! I was showing a little but over the weekend it has formed into a right wee round mound....and im all happy :o) I'm also happy because Paul and I are now in our new appartment and things are going really well...I feel a lot more does he. I called over to Mum's last night to get some things and my Dad was like...huh has he thrown you out

I start taking my iron tablets today...which will make me feel not so knakkered...although this past while i have been feeling grand...maybe it's cos I have so much going on with the new appartment and wee mind is always active..therefore I don't get bored and tired? Who knows! But the main thing is I feel great, unstressed and relaxed...and baby is healthy.

The blood tests that I got taken at my 'Booking In Appointment' where all clear which is great news. Now I can sit back and chill and let nature take it's course :o)

That's all for now folks....Nikki xox

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