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Hello....well I'm in my 8th


Hello....well I'm in my 8th week now and apart from feeling nauseous most of the weekend, I had a really pleasant one. Paul took me somewhere posh for dinner on Saturday night and I couldn't eat anything apart from a few mouthfuls of main course and desert were's not like me at all...hopefully this will hurry up and pass!! Paul presented me with a gorgeous silver necklace encrusted with my favorite aquamarine stone :o) so the lack of dinner didn't really matter :o) I stayed with Paul Saturday night and Sunday morning and I was all happy cos I got lots of hugs and lovin :o) It was really hard leaving Daddy again on Sunday night!

Well on Saturday day Mum and I went shopping...we were cooing in the baby clothes shops...but I didn't feel right buying anything just yet....I'm going to leave it a few weeks. We went for lunch (which I never finished) in a nice cafe and it was just lovely sitting chatting as Mum and I don't get to spend a lot of time together. I bought myself some nice hipster jeans and am going to wear them as much as I can before my baby bump begins to grow!

Have discovered a new thing called Preggie them off the site They come in such flavours as lavender, sour lemon and ginger and claim to reduce nausea....I have been sucking away like a good one all weekend and I don't feel any different!!!!

Catch Ya Laters...Nikki xxx


Morning :o) feeling great today...although I was little icky last night...but that's prob because my cravings for maltesers took over again last night! But still no morning sickness or anything.

Was at a computer course yesterday and my hungry baby belly was talking to was very embarrassing but funny at the same time as the course tutor knew and he kept staying "awk jnr will ya shush over there" lol.

I read a surprising fact last night that a woman can loose her libido during pregnancy.........sorry but I don't think so!! ;o) mine has tripled!! Let's just say girls that everything gets verrrry sensitive! Anyway different subject lol.....

My Mum and I are going shopping tomorrow...and although I still think it's a wee bit too soon to buy baby clothes and things...I think I'll just buy baby a big cute cuddly teddy and I can cuddle it until baby comes along :o) catch ya laters...NikkiStillNoSignOfABumpYet xx


Hi :o) well being it


Hi :o) well being it my 7th week and everything, here is a little info. on what baby is doing at this stage in my pregnancy. If you would like to see a little pic to give you an idea of what baby looks like, click here.

Brain child -

Your little's one's big accomplishment last week was the "zipping up" of the neural tube. This week, the budding genius is working on building brainpower. Although brain development will continue long after birth, the basic sections are laid down now. As the week progresses, the organ will divide into three parts: forebrain, midbrain, and hindbrain. The forebrain will be responsible for things such as reasoning, problem solving, and forming and retaining memories. The midbrain will function as a traffic cop, relaying electrical signals to their final destinations in the brain. And the hindbrain will take care of breathing, heart rate, and muscle movement.

The action isn't all upstairs, however. Limbs are also growing fast. Arm and leg buds have sprouted, though at this point they look more like paddles.

Measuring up - Your little one is 0.15 to 0.3 inch (4 to 8 millimeters) long this week, a little larger than the width of your pinky nail.

Nikki xx

More names I have thought


More names I have thought of:-

For a boy - Ashton, Ollie
For a girl - Cayla, Carly, Abby, Annabella, Annalise, Olivia, Shirlyn, Nikita, Noelle, Naiya, Violet

Can ya tell i want a girl lol!

The Birth:- I have been


The Birth:-

I have been thinking that i want to have a water birth...with mine and Paul's choice of soothing I am currently looking into the availability of that in the hospitals throughout apparantly not many provide a birthing pool. But fingers crossed we find something.

I've also decided that i would like to breast feed...although a lot of people say that then revert to the good old bottle...but we'll see :o)

Hi :o) well i feel


Hi :o) well i feel great today...partly because i just found out that i can go on holiday see people were trying to scare me by saying pregnant women can't fly on a plane! Apparantly it's only at the later stages...say 36 weeks that it's more risky.....they don't want ya going into labour on the plane...although it has been known to happen! So in just over 1 month's time i shall be jetting off to Portugal with Paul for a nice wee winter week...i should be about 3 months pregnant then...and the clothes may be starting to pull around the belly by then :o).

But i also feel great because Paul finally told his Mother last night about our news.....he tried loads of times but the words just wouldn't come out lol....god love him. She is happy for us too :o) so my day is going great so far...still no sickness or anything...and long may it last ......NikkiHappyChappy xx

Wee names that i am


Wee names that i am beginning to think of (already!) :-

For a girl - Myah or Mia, Toni, Alex, Shonagh, Neave
For a boy - Connor, Tommy, Callum, Owen, Jamie

Will think of loads more no doubt, and add them here as i do :o)

Mooorning.....well today i just feel


Mooorning.....well today i just feel like pooh :o( didn't sleep very well and i've been irritable all weekend....i've been apologising to everybody in advance incase i bite the head off them sometime lol. The doc said this will happen as my wee hormones are all over the place at the moment. Plus i never seen my boyfriend over the weekend ......need cuddles :o(
Luv NikkiHopefullyInBetterFormTomorrow xx

Hey my new look


Hey my new look diary? It was my very good friend Hodgers that did this....luv ya Tom ;o) xx

So yesterday I went to the docs :o) he more or less told me everything I already know but it settled me a wee bit and now im looking more to the future.....

First and foremost he told me everything was fine :o) He worked it out that baby will be due around the end of May 2004 and as I suspected I am now just about 6 1/2 weeks preggars. He told me not to believe all the old wives tales about never bending over or lifting things etc and just told me not to take up anything mad....such as bungee jumping...damn there goes my plans for next weekend ;o) He told me that baby is now protected by a little sack and knocks or bumps shouldn't affect him/her as baby will always find an equilibrium in the wee sack. He told me to eat healthily....take folic acid...exercise regularly. I pleaded with him for something to prevent stretchmarks...but he can't prescribe miracles unfortunately lol.

He said that a wee letter will follow in about 2 weeks and I will then go and see him and the midwives to see how baby is coming on....I don't have my first scan until about week 16 though. He wished me all the best and sent me on my merry way :o)

Mother has now started telling grandparents etc and im still having to pull her past shops like Mother Care!!! I feel great today by the way...again :o)

Catch ya tomorrow...NikTheHungryHippoToday xxx

Well another wee day of


Well another wee day of feeling great :o) long may this last...apparantly i am a very lucky girl! I think the secret to me having a great day is having a long soak in the tub the night before and an early night in fresh bed linen :o) my Mother is pampering me and bought me a delicious honey and orange bubble bath awwww. Just 35 mins until i go see the doctor to get my due all excited :o) and god love the he is going to be bombarded with questions ;o) Catch ya tomorrow.... NikkiBunInTheOven xx

Hello....well today i feel just


Hello....well today i feel just fab :o) had a great night's sleep and woke up feeling all refreshed and lovely....makes a change from waking up feeling icky like i have been these past couple of weeks. Only one more day until i go to the docs to get my due date. Now im away to tuck into a substantial breakfast for a change :o) catch ya laters...Nikki xx

Well the past few days


Well the past few days have just been a whirlwind of excitement since I found out that I was pregnant...I am ecstatic but nervous...proud but confused...boy what a mixture of emotions running through me at the moment..and my boyfriend Paul!

After doing 2 home pregnancy tests I still couldn't believe that me..Nikki..was actually pregnant so I did another 2 the next day! I still hadn't accepted the fact so to be totally totally sure I had a test at the docs lol, as I hear they are more accurate... and yesterday I found out from the experts that I am indeed pregnant :o) I go to see the doctor on Thursday and he will give me a due date....I think I will have accepted it all more by then.

Paul and I are happy and people are happy for us :o) we are starting to tell more people now...even though they tell you to wait a while.....but how can you be expected to do that...its too exciting and you think the whole world should know lol.

Anyway.....I'm going to share everything with you throughout my pregnancy...I hope you don't mind me going into loads of detail here but I reckon this will be great for newly expectant Mothers as they will probably have felt much the same and like me will probably have thought "are these feelings normal?". But it's also nice for anybody else to read along too :o) especially those curious ones.

About 2 weeks ago (around the time when the fertilised egg would have been implanting itself into my uterus on week 4...after travelling along my fallopian tubes all that time!) I was getting sore (or rather uncomfortable) I had pretty much the symptoms you have just before your period starts - cramps...tiredness...hunger pangs....and one thing I'll never forget - really sore boobs! Even having a shower was an effort lol.

But the uncomfortableness gradually faded and now, 2 weeks later (6 weeks pregnant) im not as sore...I just get tired easily...can't face certain foods such as potato...chicken (anything dry really) and I have huge a craving for strawberries :o) I had a BK strawberry milkshake last night and it was like pure heaven to me when before I wasn't really fused on them!

My Mother is delighted (can't believe that her baby is having a little baby) and has got me some great pregnancy books....she is already talking about names and knitting cardigans! I'm like "Mum....slow down" god love her lol. Obviously its the biggest thing on my mind at the moment and im always daydreaming about or talking about boyfriend Paul is like "yes I had a good day thank you very much!" Oops! But who can blame gonna be bringing a little life into the world!!

At the moment baby is the size of an apple pip....and next week (week 7) will have tripled and be the size of a grape! The week after that (week 8) baby will be the size of a strawberry! Its so amazing when you read about it and see the wee the moment baby is developing vital organs and there are little buds where his/her heart, arms, legs and eyes will be. So I have to really look after my body at the moment and feed it healthily and not do anything too strenuous...suits me fine :o) One thing I never did before was read the back of packets...there are actually quite a few things that you cant have during pregnancy!

I will be continuing at my gym as the instructors have told me about a special program that they offer for pregnant women.....they monitor your heart rate and temperature..not letting them get above a certain level. And they work on strengthening the muscles you use while giving birth. So that's good to know....but in a few months time it'll prob be the last thing I'll want to do after work! If I could get away with sleeping this very moment I would happily slide under my desk and have a right wee snooze lol.

Tomorrow I will update you with some more biz but right now I have to dash to the loo......another major symptom of pregnancy!

Cheerio for now...Mummy Nikki xx


Hi im Nikki :o) I


Hi im Nikki :o)
I just found out last night that my boyfriend and i are pregnant! My friend Hodgers and i decided that this wee pregnancy diary would be a great idea....i can detail everything that is happening to me, my body and my baby :o) It's early days yet so bare with me...Nikki xx

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