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About this website

What is hodgers.com?

hodgers.com is the website of Tom Hodgkinson. It acts in a dual role as portal and host to unique and diverse content, the majority of which is created by either Tom or his friends (Facebook login required).

Why 'hodgers'?

Hodgers is Tom's nickname. It's a public school-style derivative of his surname, Hodgkinson.

Who is this 'Tom Hodgkinson' fellow?

Tom is a 29 year-old Briton living in Glasgow, UK. He works for the New Media part of BBC Scotland (any views expressed on hodgers.com are not those of the BBC, however). He's not related to the editor of The Idler magazine as far as he knows.

What can I find at hodgers.com?

Loads of great stuff! Some of Tom's friends have their own sections, which they update themselves. A couple of other people have mini-sites too, which Tom looks after. There's a full A-Z directory at the foot of this page and on the homepage too.

Who pays for it all?

Tom pays for it all himself. The continuing plan is to build a reputation for quality that's good enough to encourage small businesses without a web presence to become part of the hodgers.com family at low cost so that, eventually, the site will pay for itself. Heart Buchanan is a successful example of one such business. If this sort of thing sounds like it might suit your company, drop me a line.