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    lewes,_sussex arch soc 062.jpg
    390 x 570 mm

    Description: Rectangular with three sem-circular arches on top, the middle arch higher and wider than the others; ovolo-moulded edging (top and sides); top centre, equestrian figure stamp; six small stamps of iconic figures down the sides, arranged in two columns.

    Notes: An unusual fireback with stamps about 90mm high; the stamps are likely to have been cast from brass or iron mantelpiece ornaments, popular in the Victorian period. Formerly part of the J. H. Every collection.

    Manufactured: in the 19th century in England.

    Current location: Anne of Cleves House, Southover High Street, Lewes, East Sussex, England.

    Museum number: 1944.24.089 (part of the Sussex Archaeological Society museum group)