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chameleon (136k image)

I think we'll call him shaun.

I've done it! It's happening


I've done it!

It's happening again, can't seem to post - so here's my posting in comment stylee.

Today is a great day! Quiz Town is packed off to Presentation and will be on air 2mrw morning at 11.33, rpt 22.30 (same timing as Blogday next Friday!). Finished the edit on Monday but it's now gone. Never worked with so much audio material before, took a L-O-O-O-O-O-N-N-N-N-G time to finish... sigh.

Obscurity and Timesnewroman were in today reading their blogs. Think Faithtastic met up with Laura yesterday. So that' us, we've got our stuff. Still unsure about using the audio blogs, content is fun but the quality is not great, have to decide tomorrow. Time has now come to start experimenting. Might come in at the weekend, see how far we get tomorrow.

Can't believe tomorrow is the last day for this years Diversity Team. We've been working together since last December - the year has... you know it's been faster the light, time has flown in. Going off for a long last lunch tomorrow. Shame Roshni can't be there, but Eid in Pakistan must be incredible.

Heads buzzing, must go home.

Hi peeps :o) Well I've


Hi peeps :o) Well I've been for that 2nd scan and things are great... baby has a strong heart and is bouncing about healthily... I'm really starting to feel movement now... kinda feels like a wee tummy rumble or like baby is poking me inside. I'm just over 17 weeks pregnant now... they say baby is due on 5th May.

This was my first official appointment at the hospital (the last one was just a reassurance scan). This was called my 'Booking In Appointment' - they take my height & weight, take blood & urine samples, scan my tummy, I get to have a wee chat with the Doctor and Midwives and they give me loads of books, vouchers and free samples. All in all it was a pleasant visit... everybody is really nice... but I passed out while getting my bloods taken! I'm not usually that squeamish but show me a needle (especially one that is going into my arm to extract 6 tubes of blood!) and I'm a goner! Thank god my Mum was there (she'd never seen a scan before and was all excited) as I just remember things going cloudy on the first sample...then I woke up to find my Mum and the Nurse looking over me...I then looked over to the desk and seen that she had taken 6 samples... which nearly sent me over the edge again! I can laugh about it now but it was horrible at the time as I was left with such a migraine and couldn't go back into work. I'm such a wimp!

Anyway I feel a lot more settled now knowing everything is ok and that my Baby is keeping well. I can get more excited now and begin planning Mother and I went straight to the baby shops that night hehe. I have opted for 'Shared Care' which means that I can see the Doctor in my own Doctor's Surgery for routine tests and just go to the hospital for the scans... my next scan is on 22nd December and this will be my 22 week scan...the big Ultrasonic one which shows baby in real detail....they can also inform me of any abnormalities at this stage...which is a tough one...I don't know if I want to know or not :o/ but they can also tell me the baby's sex :o)

Paul is all dead chuffed and getting more and more excited now that I am showing... everything seems more real. We have decided to take the flat that we viewed a few weeks back... we go tonight to pass the money over and get the key :o) so this weekend we'll be moving everything in. Ohhhhh It's all very exciting for us!

Oh and I'm just waiting on my scan being sent over so I can download it and post it here... won't be long :o)

Catch you soon, Nikki xxx

It has been ramadan for


It has been ramadan for the past month, which has been rather a big deal in Tanzania. At the end of ramadan it is the eid celebration, and that means a public holiday. However, eid only comes when the new moon has been seen. So it is not a definite date. The whole country didn't know if the holiday was Tuesday and Wednesday or Wednesday and Thursday. I was outside peering at the sky for ages, wondering if I could have a drink or not.

As it happens eid began on Wednesday. A nice midweek weekend.

If only that had

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africa6_2 (15k image)

If only that had been the case last night.

Apologies for the delay in


Apologies for the delay in posting, having probs blogging, must call Tom.

Will start listening through and editing next week! We've got 4 more blogs to record before our audio fest is complete. I've already had phone call from Ken in Presentation who wants clips by next Wednesday for the trail to start on Friday!

I've read all the blogs but the exciting bit will be listening to all of you. Can kick off on Wednesday I think. It's funny but I know by listening to the voices a picture starts to form in my mind and the programme develops a personality.

It's all madness and mayhem here on Children In Need night, think I just saw Gareth Gates, spotted the security guard first actually. I've been editing all day so have totally missed out. Can't wait for the weekend. Back in on Sunday though.

Will keep you updated.

Most days, it is absolutely

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Most days, it is absolutely cooking here. However, there have been some rains, so all the plants are growing like there is no tomorrow. Just look at all the plants at the front of my house.

IMAG0098 (344k image)

I can see Mount Meru from the school grounds. In fact I can actually see it out of my classroom window. Lovely.

Comfortingly, it is an active volcano, which last erupted in 1910

IMAG0101 (275k image)

Hiya :o) yes I'm still


Hiya :o) yes I'm still alive....sorry for not having been around. Not long back from Portugal with was lovely and relaxing (apart from my mood swings kicking in...Paul just ended up agreeing with me over everything for an easy life lol) but it was lovely getting away, the weather was really pleasant. I miss Paul lots now.

So now I'm 16 weeks pregnant! Wow ain't it flying in. And I go for my next scan in less than 2 weeks...I can't wait! Pregnancy hasn't really held me back from anything at all.... I was still able to fly in a plane...hire a bike. ... sunbathe. You definitely shouldn't listen to all the old wives tales out there.

I'm chuffed cos I've just found out that the hospital I will be having baby in accommodates water births so I'll be asking loads of questions at my next scan.

Well my little bump is continuing to expand...although at a very slow rate...apparently I am 'neat' for this stage in pregnancy..but that's not a bad thing :o)

I'm going to get some of my holiday snaps scanned and put up here once I get them developed. Not related to my preganancy really but we went to see Dolphins and Seals (took loads of pics) and I ended up crying they were so lovely! Well I suppose that is related to my pregnancy...I cry at the simplest things these days.

Catch ya soon...Nikki xx

On stage with Nine Group

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On stage with Nine Group Band. It was great fun. The crowd didn't know what to make of the white guy playing the African songs.

IMAG0113 (146k image)

Thank you all for a


Thank you all for a great day! We've got some great stories and personal views on a day in Scotland. We've spent the morning trading views and ideas of how the final programme will sound.

I'm off to a wedding in Norway this afternoon and won't be back until Monday 17th but the rest of the Blogday Team will be out recording your blogs.

Roll on 5th of December!

It's now official, bloggers are


It's now official, bloggers are happen'!
- let me give you a couple of examples - David from Kidnapped has been mistaken for a girl, Naked Blog is hanging out with the in crowd at the MTV awards watching Beyonce, Polkadot has been indulging in the intoxicating whiff of cheap brandy at first light this morning - making Xmas cake of course, 'Yeah but is it Art' had a touching & very funny story about a train journey, Per talks about Ramadan, ... great stories! an that's but a few. Remember to keep them short and snappy, we only need a few minutes speech from each of you! Tomorrow morning we'll be reading them all in their entirety.

don't forget to audio blog if you get the chance.

tryng to think of something witty and engaging to say, wise words at the end of the day... nope, it's gone.


Anyone else having problems with their server today? This will be my 3rd attempt to post!! So it'll have to be fast and furious. There's a definete buzz in the office today, we're talking to the 16 bloggers who will be taking part in Blogday tomorrow. The idea is everyone blogs as normal, although I do take Naked Blog's point Naked Blog that whacky could be more interesting. But isn't that why people read blogs? Other people's lives are just so much more fascinating. It's a snapshot of Scotland from a perspective we've not heard before.

Can't wait to see what happens tomorrow! Happy writing.

Check out the final list please have a look here.

The programme will be broadcast on 5th December.




For the last week there has been a rather large black beetle living in the dustbin of my classroom. Quite frankly, this has not been a problem. If it is happy with it's home, a sturdy metal bin, then I have absolutely no issues with it. However, on Friday I was in the middle of a maths lesson when I was cut short. A ridiculously loud noise was coming from the bin. Someone, or something had really got too much for the beetle. The lesson stopped, we studied the beetle for a while, and when the maths resumed the beetle didn't take further umbridge. Dave Attenborough never told me that beetles hate maths.

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