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  1. 1244

    1060 x 670 mm

    Description: Cavetto-canted arched rectangular shape with rectangular extension panels; cavetto-moulded edging, with astragal on wide fillet edging on the extension panels; central panel, crown, shield and Garter of the Tudor royal arms but with crowned lion and unicorn supporters, all within an undulating vine border; extension panels comprise a single letter (W on left, H on right) above an inward-facing seated squirrel.

    Notes: The royal arms are a hybrid of the Tudor and Stuart achievement, quite crudely modelled. The initials and squirrels both relate to the Holte family who lived at Aston Hall, which was built between 1618 and 1623. The difference in the condition of the armorial and the extensions suggest that the armorial was significantly older than the extensions. The bottom 190mm of the fireback is concealed below, behind the grate placed in front of it.

    Inscription: W / HONY SOIT QUI MAL Y PENSE / H

    Arms: English Tudor royal with Stuart lion and unicorn supporters

    Manufactured: in the mid to late 17th century in England.

    Current location: Aston Hall, Aston, West Midlands, England.

    (part of the Birmingham Museums Trust museum group)

    Citation: Crouch, J. & Butler, E., 1900, The Apartments of the House (London, At the Sign of the Unicorn), p. 192.